Branding and Career Services for Creatives

Need to wow the recruiter?

Start your own business?

Make your side hustle your only hustle?

Reach for the stars with my no-hassle Web Design, Personal Branding, and Resume Services. 

**Pandemic, Please Stay Home Specials**

Yoga via Zoom:

Donate via PYA’s website for an invite to the Yoga Zoom Room. All class donations are split between the studio and teacher to help keep us afloat during these trying times.

Monday 1:30pm – Align  Practice Yoga Austin

Friday 12 pm – Vinyasa  Practice Yoga Austin

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Resume Critique ONLY, my most affordable personal branding service, ONLY $35: 

This is NOT a full rewrite and optimization, but highly-detailed suggestions on how to improve your own resume. (service includes an updated resume format and styling)

I also work in full or partial trade and would love to set up a payment plan for you.  If you are struggling due to COVID-19, and need yoga, writing, or web design services, please connect with me to schedule a call.

We are all in this together.

We will get through this.