I started practicing yoga in 1998. This was way before yoga was cool, there weren’t special $108 pants or anything and I had to order my mat and my first yoga VHS tape out of a hippie catalog over the phone #truestory. After years of telling everyone who would sit still long enough how amazing yoga is (have you tried it? you gotta try it! it’s SO GREAT!), I decided to pursue teacher training and have accumulated over 1200 hours of advanced studies most recently with my primary teachers Gioconda Parker and Christina Sell.

As a teacher, I strive to help people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities by creating a joyful and safe atmosphere, offering options for all levels, and a supportive environment to all students. I love vinyasa flow, a practice that’s light-hearted and challenging, and the steady strength of alignment-based yoga, so that’s how I teach. While leading fun, high-energy classes, I strike a balance between flowing movement and strong posture alignment. I teach because I hope to share the peace and balance that I’ve found through my personal practice with as many people as I can.

Pandemic Zoom Classes:

Donate via PYA’s website for an invite to the Yoga Zoom Room. All class donations are split between the studio and teacher to help keep us afloat during these trying times.

Friday 12 pm – Vinyasa  Practice Yoga Austin


Advanced Training Modules for Teachers: Inclusive Teaching Techniques – Welcoming all bodies and skill levels into your classes | Vinyasa Mama – Prenatal yoga for yogis/athletes | Teaching the Kinesthetic Learner – Hands-on Assists for Every Body

Each module can be offered as a 2-hour workshop or a multi-class weekend training format. Connect with me if you’d like to offer one or more of these for your next teacher training!